Welcome to Mom Chailai River Retreat, Banglen district, Nakorn Pathom province. Meet experience with The Antique Boat Hotel and Thai House at Tha Cheen riverside, impress with nature, relax and enjoy with floating around both side of Thacheen river, also visit the famous Wat Lumphaya Floating Market. We are pleased to invite you to touch our nature atmosphere at Mom Chailai River Retreat.

The project started when we lifted the Vietnam ship up onto the ground and began decorating it into the restaurant you see today. Inside is a place where we can drink and get together, whereby the second floor is for sitting down and listing to music. Above is the scene of the Eam-Chun boat where we decorated it into a 1-2 floor boat house. Moreover, it may look antique but its interior design is modern as it is being observed by Mom Chailai. The Uniqueness is that each boat is different and they are all curved to look like their ready to set sail!

Baan Ruean Thai, or otherwise known as the "Thai House" was bought many years ago, whereby now we have improved and modified it with modern interior architect to create a big group of houses, including 5 bed room's, 1 grand room for resting and relaxing completed with a kitchen and lastly the ground floor consists of 2 large and small meeting rooms. Later on, we also built another 5 Thai Houses close to the river. Each house has its own unique look!

Mom Chailai River Retreat less than 45 min. drive, the feeling of a calmly flowing atmosphere,  purely climatic, green rice field, with the slow but graceful flow of the Tha cheen river, fishing by seine or cutting the top of morning glory for sales and cooking. 30 rai (12 acres) of rice field which bought by Mom Chailai for 20 years, she built this from her imagination of buidings which can withstand time and for the delight of descendant and for the pride of Salaya and Banglen villagers.

Swimming pool one of the finest pools, not only by nature but you would appreciate the beautiful view of Thai houses grouped on the left and right. There are 17 nestled Eam-Chun boats. It's magnificent!

If you love riverside, it is not far from Bangkok therefore we invite you to enjoy with our Eam-Chun's boat house, Thai traditional house, change the color of your skin at our swimming pool , go downstream by boat to Wat Lumphaya floating market on a weekend or join with the folk fishery team. In the evening, boating with your sweetheart or enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with our bike expeditions around our resort. If you have any pains or aches, try our herbal spa program starting with an ancient Thai massage for one and half hour then refine any toxin under your skin by immersed herbal water for half and hour and finish with an aroma oil massage.

Mom Chailai River Retreat is built by extreme love, ready for you to touch just one of our experience.

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