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               Mom Chailai Yugala, wife of the late Prince Bhanuphan Yugala, the grand son of King Rama V. With the land that she owns, 60 rai (24 acres), at Salaya-Banglen, a 45 min drive from the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. She built a unique retreat through her inspiration and imagination, called Mom Chailai River Retreat, located by the Tha Jean River where she grew up. The same compound is consisted of.......
                 The Antique Boat Hotel. The Chinese Rice barges, formerly used to be one of the important water transportation carrying Rice, Rocks, Sand and other agricultural produces; they are now replaced by land transportation. She designed and built a nice and unique accommodation on the barges both single decker and double decker boathouse. It is a unique experience to stay.

                The Floating House Hotel, in the old days, Thai people lived by the river, enjoyable lived on the floating house. Through her inspiration, she designed and built a floating house hotel which is relaxing and comfortable.


                Thai Traditional House Hotel, built on Teak wood; one main Thai house and 6 other houses with different styles.


Please come and stay with us, sharing Mom Chailai imagination and touch with Thai traditional way of living.


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